Lower wing spar from an Albatros D.V

This is the port - or left - lower wing spar of an Albatros D.V. along with its steel compression bar.   Note the center section brace wire attachment fitting with just about an inch of the brace wires remaining. Missing is the flying wire attachment fitting. It would have been bolted across the top of the cross-member spar cap and the two spar attachment fittings running along side it.  In the upper right corner of this page, you can see greatly enlarged copies of factory stamps. The upper one is a typical Albatros-Werke inspector's mark depicting an "A" overprinting a "W" stamped into the compression bar where it clamps over the spar m. In the Apex of the "A" is the particular inspectors identification number - in this case, number 10.  Number 10 also inspected the rudder control horn. The lower stamp is possibly an "A" in a circle or surrounded by the letter "O."  After some good-spirited debate, it is clear that this wing spar is from a D.V., not a D.V.a. Click on this link for further information.

Below is a close-up of the famous wing failure of an Albatros D.V.  The pilot, a Lieutenant Von Hipple, lost his left lower wing in flight but, because the upper wing aileron controls traveled through the upper wing in the D.V., he was still able to remain in control of his ailerons and land with little damage, other than tipping over.  If he had been in the latter D.Va., he would have lost control of his ailerons because their control cable travels through the lower wing in the D.Va.

The German air service investigated this crash because of many reports of the loss of lower wings in flight.  Below is a photo that the investigators took showing the failure at the point where the lower left wing attaches to the aircraft.  At the top of this web page is a photo of the very same area, from a different angle in which a red arrow identifies a complex fitting.  In Von Hipple's accident, this fitting sheered apart.

Below on the left is the end of the cable from the upper left wing cabane attachment fitting and on the right the lower left wing  fitting to which the cable on the left attaches.