R.A.F. Combats in the Air Report 
of Lieut. Carl Frederick Falkenberg

This is a Royal Air Force Combats in the Air report dated 11th June 1918 recording the "drive down out of control" of a German Albatros "V" Strutter . 

The report states that Falkenberg was flying S.E. 5a. D.6882 of Squadron No.84 equipped with "V. & L." standing for a Vickers and a Lewis machine gun  on an "Offensive patrol" at 5,000 feet.  Giving the time of 1:45 pm and the location Montdidier, Falkenberg writes: "Whilst on offensive patrol, leading a flight of S.E.5s at 8,000 feet, I observed five E.A. at 5,000 feet.  I manoeuvred (sic) into the sun and dived on them, followed by the rest of the flight. I got onto the tail  of one E.A. and opened fire at 200 yards range, and continued firing until within 50 yards range. I then got a low number 3 stoppage in my Vickers and cleared it, still keeping on the E.A.'s tail.  I again opened fire and fired a long burst into the E.A., whereupon he fell over on his back, and went down in this manner for about five hundred feet.  He then came out with his nose pointing South, and went down spinning slowly, and at last disappeared into the clouds at 3,000 feet.  Before he disappeared I got in several more bursts at pretty close range.  from the time the E.A. turned over on his back to the time he went through the clouds, he made no effort whatever to avoid my fire.  Altogether I fired 300 rounds right into him." 

A space is left below the report for the pilot's signature but it appears that Sholto-Douglas began to sign in the wrong place, crossed-out the beginnings of his signature, and then signed below after the typed entry "1 E.A. shot down out of control."  In the lower left side in light pencil is the annotation "1 decisive" signed by the initials JAEL or possibly JAEC.  Any suggestions as to who this person is would be greatly appreciated. The report is further annotated "Report No. 203" and in blue pencil "F52."

From left to right below are photos of Sholto-Douglas, Falkenberg, and then a group of Canadian pilots including Falkenberg.  The photo is captioned "Pilots from No 1 Squadron C.A.F in Upper Heyford England in Nov 1918. The officers standing (l. to r. ) include Lt W. Rutledge; Lt P. Townley; Lt G. Howsam; Lt F. Heakes; Lt C. McEwen;Lt H. Marshall; Lt J. Whitford; unidentified. Seated are: (l. to r.) Capt D. MacLaren; Capt G. Johnson; Maj A. McKeever; Lt J. Verner; Capt C. Falkenberg. These include many of the most successful Canadian fighter-pilots of the First World War: Capt MacLaren (48 victories) , Maj McKeever (30 victories), Lt McEwen (20 victories), Capt Falkenberg (14 victories), and Capt Johnson and Lt Howsam , ea (12 victories). Courtesy Comox Air Force Museum.

The following record is courtesy of the Air Force Association of Canada. FALKENBERG, Lieutenant (Temporary Captain) Carl Frederick - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 2 November 1918. Home in Quebec City (clerk); enlisted there in 8th Royal Rifles, June 1915; Corporal, then commissioned in March 1916. Posted to 171st Battalion, Valcartier, July 1916; went overseas with them, September 1916; to 14th Battalion, 20 October 1916. Wounded 27 November 1916 and hospitalized in England. Seconded to RFC, June 1917; to No.1 School of Aeronautics, 18 June 1917; to No.14 Training Squadron, 31 July 1917; to No.45 Training Squadron, 23 August 1917; to No.1 School of Aerial Fighting, 15 November 1917; to Oxford, 17 December 1917; to No.45 Training Squadron, 20 December 1917; to No.61 Training Squadron, 11 January 1918; served with No.84 Squadron, 28 February to 10 May 1918 (wounded) and again from 20 May to 2 November 1918. Posted to Home Establishment and to original Canadian Air Force in England. Demobilized, 30 October 1919. Joined CAF in Canada, 1920 to 1 April 1921.

A bold and skilful airman, who has destroyed four enemy machines and driven down four out of control. In addition he has performed many gallant deeds in attacking troops, transport, etc. on the ground.

FALKENBERG, Lieutenant (Acting Captain) Carl Frederick - Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 3 December 1918.

A gallant and skilful fighter who, since he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, has destroyed four enemy machines and one balloon, and has also driven down two more machines out of control, making in all fourteen enemy aircraft and one balloon to his credit. He has further rendered gallant service in attacking ground targets and reconnoitering enemy lines. 

Another combat report attributed to this squadron is shown below.  It is not part of The Aero Conservancy collection but is a copy of a photo of this item when it was shown atr an auction in 2006.  Note the blue pencil mark in the upper right-hand corner, F 26, simialr to the blue pencil mark in the same location on Falkenberg's combat report.