Wilhelm Morell Phylax Tachometer

This piece was acquired along with the Albatros wing spar, leg fitting, seat rail and bulkheads shown elsewhere in this collection. It is a Wilhelm Morell Revolutions Counter, serial number 100225, and is the typical type of tachometer used in Albatros D.V. aeroplanes. Front view, marked in center from top to bottom as follows: 100, UML./MIN., PHYLAX, 100225, WILHELM MORELL, G.m.b.H., Wien, .P., Uebers. 1:2, Skala 300-1600 = Welle 150-800 Uml.-Min. This item was manufactured in Austria.  Because it was manufactured in Wien or Vienna, in Austro-Hungaria, it may not be from the Albatros D.V. wreckage, but the coincidence is curious. Below is a contemporary Morell company adbvertisement.