Fabric from the rudder of a Pfalz D.XII No. ____/18

This is the second of two pieces of German aircraft fabric from the right aside of a Pfalz D.XII rudder.  This was acquired in early 2006 from Dennis Gordon who acquired it from the Steve St. Martin collection when is was broken up after his death.  As is the case with the other rudder panel in The Aero Conservancy collection, written in pencil on the reverse is D 12 for the D. XII in the name of the aircraft, Pfalz D. XII .  The photograph below is the reverse side against which can be seen rust stains about 12" apart and that is the approximate spacing between the top and middle tube of the three horizontal metal tubes or ribs of the Pfalz D.XII rudder. There are threads coming through the back where the fabric would have been tied onto the tubes; on the front they are covered by strips of horizontal fabric.

The fabric in the photo on the left was not back-lit while the fabric in the photo on the right was.  Back-lighting reveals how little paint actually remains on the fabric.
Both rudder panels are shown in this photo for comparison purposes.